Our competence center offers you the first step in building your life with ADAMAS Cell Water.

Our expertise in vibrational medicine offers you the cellular water ADAMAS as the first vital substance.
Our system is identical to the function of a computer with the addition of crystal water. This is the basis of our support in  vibrational medicine.

Adamas Cellular Water combines light quantum water and carbon.

It offers a quick and simple detoxification power as well as an unprecedented harmony in your glass on a daily basis.

Ordinary water is toxic and dead. It provides no energy and therefore cannot be absorbed by your cells. As you drink, you therefore remain thirsty


Without cellular water, no deep and subtle change is possible. For you lack the first element of life.

We therefore use this essential basis for the 4 components of your daily life.

1. Self and I development

Health for body, mind and soul

2. Intersubjective relationships and culture  

3. Natural science and measurable object world  

4. Universal systems  

ADAMAS cellular water has been used successfully in all 4 components for 40 years to ensure life on earth! Indeed, if one component is missing, you will remain blocked throughout your life.



ADAMAS cellular water is supplied in the form of a fountain and it's installation is child's play.


Daily Benefits:

1. Cell available water

2. Benefits of 700-1000 liters per day for family and business, animals and plants  

3. Environmentally friendly  

4. Time saving  

5. Inexpensive: 0.08 centimes per liter of cell water!

6. Pollutants, pesticides, lime,

Hormones, plastic particles are removed.

7. Optimal efficiency through

the vibrational order and cellular availability.

8. Fullerene C60endowed with a Nobel Prize gives you the world's most powerful antioxidant.

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Dr Helmut Gustav Lindemann : former NASA scientist, doctor, bio chemistry research, free energy and vibrations.

The era of vibration and quantum has begun.

My life thread is shaped by a universal consciousness and its direct link to international health, research and world events.

This wealth of experience can benefit every client.

Gabriele Weiss: innate subtle perception, spiritual science, art, dance, singing, intercultural mediation and leadership, systemic work, teacher, Tai Chi, African shamanic work, Analysis of DNA genetic keys and their neutrino fields on crystal quantum interference of cell spirit communication.

As an interdisciplinary mentor and cosmic seer and mediator, I embrace my life path in maturity.  This way of life serves as a model for you and gives you and the collective a powerful hand for your own inner and outer order.

I am happy to make my high vibrational powers and competencies available to you .

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We offer advice and support for the 4 components of ADAMAS Cellular Water.


Component #1 with Gabriele Weiss: Individual

Detox from trauma, relaxation of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual spheres. Structure and release of your full potential. 

  • 3 sessions via Zoom or Live with written evaluation

Component #2 with Gabriele Weiss: Relational

Support with educational issues as well as personal & professional relationships in order to unleash your full potential. 

  • 3 sessions via Zoom or Live with written evaluation

Component #3 with Dr. Lindemann: Technological

Analysis of biochemical vibration fields. Free energy for the environment. 

Component #4 with Gabriele Weiss: Spiritual

Cosmically integral field construction.


Legal Notice

ADAMAS Vibrational Medicine & Cellular Water GMBH

G. Weiss+ Dr GH Lindemann 
Schwarzwaldstrasse 70
8226 Schleitheim 

Adamas Cellular Water : Request for appointments / orders / questions about our offers  

Costs of the Adamas Cellular long-term cure : 4900 sfr. / 3900 Euro (price adjusted to world situation) Shipping and installation with 2 hours of advice are included. Each fountain is individually manufactured and adapted to your needs.
2 year warranty.

Reservation of components 1 and 2 (independent of the Adamas Fountain) : 190 sfr.- / sessions ; large projects : price according to volume.


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Installation and Technology
The materials are patented and have no impact on water quality.
Videos for installation and handling will be shared after the preliminary meeting.


Description and technology: ADAMAS Cell Water Fountain

We construct 2 variants :

  • Underfloor Fixation with 3-way tap or stainless steel tap.

  • The cell fountain can be connected to any water tap worldwide.

  • The water supply pressure should be at 4 bar.

  • We supply a pre-filter for both models to protect the cell well fountain. (With this pre-filter, a sustainable long-term benefit can be guaranteed.)

  • The filters are easy to change at minimal cost.

  • Pre-filter dimensions : 40 cm high, 50 cm deep, 20 cm wide

  • Cell Fountain dimensions: height 45 cm, depth 50 cm underfloor, 60 cm tabletop, width 25 cm

  • The materials are EC tested and comply with the standards for water filtration and health products

  • The cell well flow is driven with a gentle current pump.

Filter Description:


1) Pre-Filter


  • Coconut, carbon and sediment filters remove the coarse substances from limescale, rust, pesticides, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms and nanoparticles.

  • The post-filtration takes place over a period of 6-12 months, depending on the amount of microsiemens (pollutants in tap water).

  • Cost factor CHF 150 Sfr.-  


2) ADAMAS Fountain

Processing Steps:

  • UV filter to protect against bacteria

  • Filtering in 6 stages, with coconut, carbon, sediment, carbon, ceramic.

  • The filtering is 1 microsiemens.

  • The cell water is cleaned of all information in the organic and subtle area.

  • The bulk water is separated and structured with membranes.

  • The cell water is structured and levitated with 250 grams of Fullerene C 60.

  • C 60 is of natural origin and has been awarded a Nobel Prize.

  • C 60 is cosmic in nature and gives the cell your integral cosmic connection.

  • The EM Pipes of micro-organisms give the intestine an additional life structure.

  • A 4 litre tank offers easy and long-lasting daily enjoyment for the family and public places.

  • The cell water is constantly refilled,  remains stable and free of pollutants. Cell water ADAMAS has a shelf life of 3 months.

  • The revision should be carried out every 3 to 4 years. (Cost factor: CHF 600 to 800)


References & Feedback:

Via Facebook : English and German customer videos along with scientific studies by Dr. Lindemann

Via YouTube : Interview in German with Jan Walter (

Translated testimonies from German :

  • Dear Gabriele and Helmut, I definitely cooked Gschwöuti three weeks ago (but it could also be four weeks) with the water from the cell well. First I let them dry so that the shells were dry.  Then I forgot it on the shelf next to the hob for about 3 days. But I ate it every day. I suddenly realized that I should have put them in the fridge a long time ago. I did so immediately. I ate it every day too. They were spotless and didn't get moldy. After another 3 days I realized that I didn't put them in a Tupperware at all. So I did so immediately. After definitely 3 weeks (more like 4, I'm not sure though), the potatoes still hadn't turned sweet or moldy. This water apparently has a preservative effect. I am so grateful to my former life partner for buying us this ADAMAS cell well. Dear Gabriele and dear Helmut, thank you very much for your being and your work. Nice that you are with us , Evelyne Schöni

  • My liver levels are finally top after 20 years; the skin a poem . All after just 9 months cell water cure; Mona  

  • We are enthusiastic about the regeneration of the five patients with root canal treatment, dentists Bozen  

  • My hair is thick and gray is natural, customer 70 years

  • My dog is jumping around in the garden again. He survived the plague; Customer law  

  • I feel powerful despite my cancer. I am discontinuing the medication, customer Berlin  

  • The whole family is happy. Even our grandmother now drinks water and our youngest too, family Thuringia  

  • Without my water Adamas  nothing works anymore, therapist Winterthur

  • The Morgelons are gone in just 5 months, no more traces in the dark field, young mother  

  • I tolerate the technical waves better. No more dizziness , no more red ears . Mrs. Fribourg